A New Way of Teaching Respect: Rocketship Education

It might not make any sense to you. You may be one of those people that are disadvantaged and broken. The founders of Rocketship Education understand the frustration and struggle that many children experience on a daily basis. The basic premise of the academy is to foster respect. It is respect that empowers children to move forward. It is respect that drives people to achieve greatness.

The toxic stress of the neighborhood where many of the children reside can be eliminated by helping children show respect to each other and to the community at large. Engagement is a key ingredient in the education these children receive. By engaging the parents of these young children the teachers at Rocketship Education Charter schools ensure that students are being taught to respect their elders.

The old way of teaching respect doesn’t work for these children. That way was basically talking about respect but not doing anything about it. Visual and interactive sessions that explore what it means to respect others work. Children learn not to bottle up their feelings but express them in a constructive way. They also learn to resolve conflicts peacefully and respect each other’s space.

Rocketship Education believes that every child is unique. Parents are given opportunities to instill in their children the respect everyone deserves. The unique way that the teachers and facilitators at the charter school handle parental input provides children with the tools they need to succeed. Respect is the first core value that children attending Rocketship schools learn. The other three key values are responsibility, empathy and persistence. The children’s parents pick a fifth core value for their children to learn. This could be anything from community service to bravery.

The first core value is important because without respect, there is no responsibility for actions. Without responsibility, there is no empathy. Without empathy, there is little or no persistence. The fact is that respect plays a critical role in a child’s development. The circumstances in which many of these children reside don’t encourage this value. Every child deserves this sense of value. Their parents agree with that assessment.