Who is Porfirio Sanchez Galino?

Porfirio Sanchez Galino – Man of the Print Presses Among Mexico’s Best Media Efforts

Galindo – He favors the competition while promoting and advancing change all around. In similar interests, he has also edited for start-up businesses, economy pieces, national, world, technology, video, lifestyle – and even networking – topics. He has written for many magazine and Internet issues that are top providers of the U.S. but has furthered their Spanish versions. Many of his works may be found online. This editor certainly holds his own and shows what can be done when you really work hard.

Bits and Pieces of His Past Editing Work – A Taste

Galindo has a taste for editing for Attention Media, Bike, Caress, Casa Viva, Famille is Lovely, DC comics of Mexico, Cosmopolitan of Mexico, Cocina for Sale, Esq. Latino, America special, Marie Claire, Marvel Comics of Mexico, Harper’s Bazaar en Espanol, Men’s health in Mexico, El Americano, Dat Asante, Dissen Junior, National Geographic, ASP Annual, National Geographic Traveler, Father Equals, Skyview, 17, Census Units, Sport Life, Runner’s World, Della Hit, 2, Vonnie Tee, Women’s Health of Mexico, Bonnie, BS, Vertigo Comics of Mexico, TV and Novellus and several others. He has been in his recent position for more than eight years and does not plan on retiring anytime soon, for he holds that there’s always more work to be done – whether it’s more papers to edit, more editors to supervise or a strange mix of both. This leader is fit for any challenge.


He currently resides in Mexico City. He has edited more than 70,000 pieces, and that’s no small feat. Galindo’s Grupo Televisa is the top multimedia Spanish company in all of Southern and Central America, if not the world. Their exclusive contract with U TVC allows them to do far more as well. Headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, this business was founded in 1952 and has survived multiple decades of mergers and acquisitions, along with countless name and station changes. It is now a top business and has proven itself in every way.