Goettl – Superstar Recaps

Keeping any home energy efficient during the hot summer months has always been of upmost concern to many. Proper AC maintenance will maximize the efficiency of the cooling system and keep the cost down to a necessary minimum. Goettl HVAC experts recommend several steps that can be implemented by the homeowner combined with professional annual upkeep of the cooling systems.

An installation of a high quality HVAC system is the most important first step. To maintain the system’s efficiency and highest levels of performance, it should be kept free of debris such as grass clippings and leaves. In addition, the apparatus should be at least two feet from any foliage or shrubbery. The lines must be inspected regularly for leaks, and the air filter must be changed every three months.

Based in Arizona, Goettl High Desert Mechanical Company, has been serving its customers since 1926. Originally from Ohio, the brothers Goettl moved their operations to Phoenix, Arizona and have since become internationally known experts in cooling and heating systems. With a healthy resume of completed and ongoing residential and commercial projects, the company has successfully flourished until present day.

The Company offers an array of services including heating and cooling systems, geothermal units, furnaces and preventive maintenance for all new and established consumers alike. Special attention is paid to educating all clients about daily operations of their equipment and regular maintenance in efforts to avoid unexpected failures. Special financing is available for customers who are experiencing financial hardship.