White Media Shark: Growing by Listening to Every Customer

White Shark Media Review is a service that offers small to medium-sized businesses an opportunity to manage their AdWords through experts. The company has been a premier Google SMB partner, which is something not easily achieved since Google is quite hard on SMB Partners. Yes, their expertise in AdWords management has garnered much respect, but any business is going to have criticism.

How Criticism and Complaints Are Handled

White Shark Media Review is unlike other companies who may ignore a complaint or try to rebuttal it. What White Shark Media attempts to do is listen, and make sure that the issue does not affect the customer again. In essence, White Shark Media wants to learn from everything, including their criticisms.

One thing that White Shark Media Review heard from their customers is they were unable to find their AdWords campaign. This means that they could no longer direct themselves to their campaigns to see if they were effective. This was a problem that the team behind White Shark Media did not want its customers to have.

The company instructed that the entire team be clear and explicit about each campaign to each client.

Another issue that clients helped reconstruct and improve was White Media Shark’s communication on http://www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-reviews/internet-marketing-services/white-shark-media-in-atlanta-ga-27374275/complaints. Many clients had complained that communication was simply inadequate, which made many clients concerned about the status of their campaigns. This was successfully addressed in many ways.

One feature that White Media Shark Review was proud of introducing was a monthly GoTomeeting where status is discussed and results reviewed. The meeting takes place every 30 days online using the GoTomeeting tool. This allows online communication during the meeting and a shared screen where the White Media Team shows results and data to the client.

Clients–both old and new–are happy to be given direct contact information to the expert who handles their order. This was a vast improvement because communication was simply not satisfactory to White Media Shark’s clients on https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc.

White Media Shark noticed a trend where customers talk to a representative of the company that they are considering. This representative sounds like he or she is the right person for the job, so the customer signs up for the services. Not long after signing they find that the person they spoke to is not the person that is handling their workload. This was something that White Media Shark did not want their clients to experience.

White Media Shark promises that the person whom the client spoke to originally will oversee all transactions performed between the customer and the expert assigned to the client. What White Media Shark wants to ensure is that the client gets exactly what she or he expected to get from the very first conversation with a specialist.