Doe Deere Colorfully Bursts Fashion ‘Donts’

Doe Deere bursts fashion ‘donts’ in Bustle’s article “Doe Deere of Lime Crime’s Favorite Fashion Beauty Rules to break”. Doe encourages everyone regardless of age, hair color, or occasion to have fun with fashion YOUR way. A few of the fashion rules busted by Deere include:
– Don’t Wear A Bold Eye With A Bold Lip (She reports breaking this one daily)
– Don’t Mix Too Many Colors (Deere uses color coordination to pull off her outfit splash.)
– Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns (Deere prefers keeping her patterns in the same color scheme or patterns that complement each other, but the more the merrier.)
– You Have To Dress Your Age (Your age shouldn’t dictate what garments you wear. Do YOU at any age.)
– You Can Only Wear Black Or Neutrals If You Have Unnaturally Colored Hair (She suggests paying special attention to the intensity of garment colors you choose…for pastel colored hair choose light, airy garment colors and with vibrant hair colors choose more saturated hues.)
This last rule is one Doe Deere definitely knows how to break. Her choices of hair color can range from pastel blue to golden deep yellow and she pulls it all off beautifully. Deere, the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, burst into the online business scene like she does with her fashion sense…vibrantly. The bright hues of Lime Crime cosmetics filled a niche that was previously untapped and with her fan base of Unicorns (called such due to their uniqueness) from Deere’s Instagram fame, helped to give Lime Crime a firm position in online cosmetics sales.
This business woman, artist, entrepreneur began posting her makeup looks online in 2006 and gained a following of others not afraid to step outside the norms and have fun with color. Doe Deere was recently named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine and inspires us all to be bold, colorful, YOU!