Eric Lefkofsky Hopes To Make A Breakthrough In The Cancer Treatment

Once a close person is diagnosed with cancer, the reality of the disease always kick in. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky was closely affected by the fact that his wife, Liz was diagnosed with the disease. This influenced him to come up with an infrastructure that was meant to modernize the cancer treatment today. Mr. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a high-tech company, which collaborates with medical professionals to make real time decisions on the health of a cancer patient by analyzing their genetic makeup. This data provided to the doctors provide a better plan and care for the patients.

Through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, impact has been made to various people especially those that are not capable of taking care of themselves. This private charitable organization has been very helpful to many people. To the family, money is not the motive but rather caring for cancer patients and loved ones is. Cancer is a disease that currently affects millions of Americans and residents of the world too. Tempus has been on the forefront of ensuring that they do all they can in order to achieve a better cancer treatment for the patients. Additionally, with this involvement in technology, doctors and other medical professionals hope to find the cure for the disease soon. Tempus also deals with other diseases that have been known to cause problems in the world.

In the future, Mr. Lefkofsky hopes to make a breakthrough in the cancer treatment. Additionally, the staff hopes to pair cancer patients with effective treatments. This will be made possible because all the patient’s information is regularly updated and other occurring diseases given so that a doctor will be able to know what kind of medication to offer the patient and which ones to avoid. Apart from this, Lefkofsky also serves as the Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago.

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Inspiring Story of Omar Yunes, a Successful Mexican Franchisee

Omar Yunes took first place at the last Best Franchisee of the World Competitions held in Florence, Italy. Omar, who’s the franchisee of Sushi Itto got honored for his exemplary contribution to the franchised realm. The event took was held on the 5th December and it brought together franchisee experts from 34 nations. Some of the countries represented at the gala were Argentina, Mexico, France, Brazil, Portugal, and Hungary.

But what makes Omar Yunes’ contribution so special? Well, the judges were remarkably impressed by the Mexican started his premier Japanese franchised outlet at only 21 years. In 2015, Omar had built an empire comprising of 13 food outlets in South America.

In his acceptance speech, Omar humbled himself and remarked that he didn’t deserve the prestigious award alone. He instead dedicated the prize to the over 400 employees who helped him in running the 13 outlets.

The awards factored in the impact of the outlets to the broader network in deciding the winners. Omar’s units had the most influence on the brand and, they had tremendously improved the standards of this niche industry. Additionally, the judges noted how Omar Yunes’ franchise had done a commendable job in motivating the employees.

The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo reiterated how these awards were primarily designed to nurture better relationships between franchise brands and their patrons. The award effectively propelled Omar’s company to the international arena. The judges came from reputable franchise institutions like the Mexican Association of Franchises, the Universidad Anuhuac and other veteran entrepreneurs in the franchise niche.

When Omar is not busy tending to his 13 franchises, he loves to spend some quality time following soccer. According to the, Yunes’ best soccer teams are FC Barcelona and Pumas de la UNAM.

Omar Yunes is keen on following the dynamics of the Californian real estate market. In an article posted on, the entrepreneur goes into details about how the surging cost of rents in L.A and San Francisco have adversely affected the progress of local charities. Charitable organizations are finding it harder to stay operational in L.A and its environs owing to the extra money they have to pay to stay open. The article goes ahead to talk about some of the proposed amendments by the local authorities in addressing that pertinent issue.

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Securus Technologies and the Battle to Eliminate Contraband

Contraband inside the jail puts everyone behind those walls is serious danger. The inmates are always on the hunt to try and push the limits to what they can get inside jail, and many of these items pose a threat to officers, visitors, and other inmates. Whenever you talk about contraband, many people assume you are simply referring to the inmates getting their hands on weapons or drugs, but the list goes so much deeper than that.


Contraband can be something as simple as cigarettes, which inmates use to buy favors from other inmates, like protection or to get other types of contraband. A toothbrush may seem like an innocent item to be considered contraband, but if a razor is attached and heated together, you now have a slashing device that could rip open a person’s throat and leave them bleeding to death. Many pieces of contraband, like candy, are used to get other inmates to do certain things that are prohibited behind bars, so me and my fellow corrections officers have to be paying close attention around the clock to ensure the safer of us all.


When Securus Technologies installed our inmate call monitoring system, it because an invaluable resource in the quest to keep contraband out of the jail. The system is already in over 2,000 jails, and the entire company is dedicated to the objective of making this planet safer for each of us. The inmates know we are listening, but they sometimes let things slip that the LBS software picks up instantly and alerts us.


Whether an inmate is talking to his mother and asking her to bring cigarettes, or talking to his sister to bring his prescription medication, or talking to his kids to sneak in candy, we can get the alert and can take action before the offense is committed.


Lifeline Screening Offers Real Life Results for the Advancement of Individual Health

Lifeline Screening is a company that supplies health screenings for the general population at reasonable prices and great convenience. Many people in today’s society avoid having regular checkups because they find them inconvenient and the cost can be prohibitive.

If people have no symptoms, they tend to push medical checkups to the background and go on with their lives. This can be a dangerous practice serious diseases because many of the most serious diseases such as heart problems and cancer tend to delay symptoms until the disease is in a more serious stage.

Lifeline Screening is available at many announced public venues as well as at many places of employment. The tests are all non-invasive and they do not require people to remove any article of clothing for screenings to be effective and accurate.

Some of the techniques that are used include ultrasound which is a very effective way to diagnose and see what is going on inside of the body. Ultrasound operates by sending sound waves toward the part of the body where the organs are located that need to be assessed. Ultrasound is very effective in seeing arterial blockages such as in the Carotid arteries in the neck. These arteries are the primary path for blood to get to the brain. Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, ankle brachial index screening for peripheral artery disease, and bone density for osteoporosis are also included in this category.

Finger-stick blood tests only need a drop or two of blood to create a full lipid blood panel which gives a full profile of the cholesterol levels for an individual. Glucose blood levels can be measured as well, measuring whether an individual is diabetic or not, C-reactive proteins measured which indicates if a person has cardiovascular disease, and liver enzymes are measured to detect liver disease.

A limited electrocardiograph is given to detect if a person has atrial fibrillation or A-Fib as it is called for short. A-Fib is an irregular heartbeat which can cause blood clots. Blood clots can cause strokes which are serious. For more info about us:,-OH-jobs.html click here.

All of the tests are made available to the individual’s doctor and is in many cases a lifesaving event when more serious disease and conditions are uncovered by the Lifeline Screening process.

UKV PLC: Excellent Wine at Your Fingertips

Wine is a very versatile commodity. It may be given as a gift; it may be the highlight of a dinner party and most importantly, a very profitable wine investment. Investment in wine has grown by around 20% since Brexit. It is becoming an increasingly attractive investment with a return on investment of 15-20%. Unlike the volatile stock and gold markets, wine is less so. Once stock is consumed, it cannot be replaced. The older a bottle of wine gets the more valuable it becomes. This rare combination of desirable and scarce makes for quite the money making avenue. This means that a lot of ‘newbies’ are entering the market. As such, it is imperative that one finds a partner with extensive knowledge of the industry. A partner who will be there to help navigate world of wine. A partner who will listen to a client’s specifications and suggest brands accordingly.

Perfect Partner

UKV PLC is a UK based wine merchant. The company stocks everything from everyday wine brands to expensive collectors’ bottles. UKV PLC amassed reputation for acquisition of the most illustrious, exciting and pleasurable investment grade luxury fine wine and champagne. From the moment one contacts the company expressing interest in their services, clients are treated to exceptional customer service with dedicated consultants and access to a wealth of information about best wines to indulge. The company’s online store is perfect for bulk purchases of different brands.

With You In Every Step

The first thing consultants will say is that quality trumps quantity every time. UKV PLC’s knowledgeable consultants are flexible and will meet the clients at the company offices and even in their own homes. Once the customer has bought their wine, bottles are transferred to bonded warehouse. These are government stores where security is tight, and the buildings are temperature controlled. The dedicated consultant stays in touch with the client for frequent valuation updates and other market news. For more info about us: click here.

Investment in wine is under tax-free laws currently. This is to say that once a client decides to sell their collection, they will not pay capital gains tax. With a partner like UKV PLC, one should fear not when treading new wine investment ground.

Clay Siegall: Taking Seattle Genetics to Next Level of Cancer Drug Development

From a young age, Clay Siegall had always been fascinated with technology and medicine. However, his interest in cancer developed after witnessing a family member go through the painful conventional treatment when he was at the University of Maryland studying for his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. The incident was transformative and inspiring. He developed a strong interest in developing less painful yet effective treatment option for cancer patients. His has found a way to fulfill his dreams through Seattle Genetics; a company he cofounded in 1998. The company made significant steps towards developing targeted cancer therapies through strategic collaborations, which has helped it develop effective FDA-approved conjugate drug: ADCetris. The development and subsequent FDA approval has significantly improved the company’s revenues. The company also makes money through deals and patents it sells to various entities. Clay Siegall is an excellent leader who has established strong working relationships across the various teams at the company. This has been crucial in the company’s ability to land big deals and overcome financial and operational challenges.


Education and Career Background


In addition to his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology he received from the University of Maryland, Clay Siegall graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics from the George Washington University. Before cofounding Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall established himself as one of the leading research scientists in the country. He specialized in cancer research, which saw him author dozens of articles on the subject while also receiving several patents for inventions. He has fostered this culture of research at Seattle Genetics through various platforms. The various strategic partnerships he has overseen at the company has enabled it develop several cancer therapy drugs, which are already in the pipeline. Additionally, he has helped the company raise over a billion of dollars to fund these researches.


In addition to serving as the president and chief executive officer at Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall also serves as a member of the board of directors for three pharmaceutical companies. He was appointed by Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. in 2006 while on the board of directors at Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. began in 2013. In 2014, Clay Siegall was appointed to serve on the board of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.



Beneful Commercials, The Perfect Recipe

We all love our pets and there is no better way to show them that love then the food we buy for them. With all the competition on the market choosing the right dog food for our small friends can become overwhelming. Commercials are a great way to get important nutritional information and some insight about products; they also provide a little entertainment between our favorite TV shows. One of the better spots I have seen is the Beneful dog food commercials. Mixing information with comedy is a fantastic recipe. The dogs are always super cute and some even have inner voices that match their appearance perfectly. The small 30 second ads get right to the point and are always entertaining even if you have seen them multiple times. Click here to know more about Beneful.

A New Way of Teaching Respect: Rocketship Education

It might not make any sense to you. You may be one of those people that are disadvantaged and broken. The founders of Rocketship Education understand the frustration and struggle that many children experience on a daily basis. The basic premise of the academy is to foster respect. It is respect that empowers children to move forward. It is respect that drives people to achieve greatness.

The toxic stress of the neighborhood where many of the children reside can be eliminated by helping children show respect to each other and to the community at large. Engagement is a key ingredient in the education these children receive. By engaging the parents of these young children the teachers at Rocketship Education Charter schools ensure that students are being taught to respect their elders.

The old way of teaching respect doesn’t work for these children. That way was basically talking about respect but not doing anything about it. Visual and interactive sessions that explore what it means to respect others work. Children learn not to bottle up their feelings but express them in a constructive way. They also learn to resolve conflicts peacefully and respect each other’s space.

Rocketship Education believes that every child is unique. Parents are given opportunities to instill in their children the respect everyone deserves. The unique way that the teachers and facilitators at the charter school handle parental input provides children with the tools they need to succeed. Respect is the first core value that children attending Rocketship schools learn. The other three key values are responsibility, empathy and persistence. The children’s parents pick a fifth core value for their children to learn. This could be anything from community service to bravery.

The first core value is important because without respect, there is no responsibility for actions. Without responsibility, there is no empathy. Without empathy, there is little or no persistence. The fact is that respect plays a critical role in a child’s development. The circumstances in which many of these children reside don’t encourage this value. Every child deserves this sense of value. Their parents agree with that assessment.

Dick DeVos Work History

In November 2016, Betsy DeVos was nominated by the then President-elect Donald Trump as the Secretary of Education. Following her nomination, the vetting committee required Betsy and Dick DeVos to submit reports of their charitable giving. The couple chose to reveal the reports for the public.

According to the report, Dick and Betsy DeVos had contributed $139 million in their lifetime. A great percentage of the contribution was given towards the Education sector. In 2015, the couple had contributed $11.6 million in support of different organizations. According to Dick, the couple is passionate about education and supports the various education programs.

Both Dick and Betsy DeVos come from power and philanthropic families. The DeVos family has cumulatively donated $1.33 billion in their lifetime.

Work History

Dick DeVos has built a reputable business career. Dick comes from a rich family, but he has managed to create a successful career as a businessman and investor. Dick began his career in 1974 when he joined Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is a family owned Network Marketing Company. Dick was in charge of various divisions like marketing, research, sales, infrastructure, development, and finance.

With hard work, Dick managed to rise in ranks in the Company. In 1984, Dick acceded to the position of the Vice President of the Company. As the Vice President, Dick was in charge of operations of the Company in 18 countries.

Richard DeVos Sr. acquired the Orlando Magic in 1991. Dick DeVos served as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the Orlando Magic. He later resigned in 1993 to assume his position as the President of Amway. In 2000, Dick oversaw the restructuring of Amway. The process led to the formation of Alticor. Dick served as the President of the new company from 2000 to 2002 when he resigned.

Dick DeVos returned to Windquest Group as its President. The Windquest Company, a privately owned Company, deals with investment in manufacturing and technology.

Dick was elected as a Chairman of the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990. He served on the board for two years but later resigned. Dick left his position in the State Board to take up his position as the President of Amway Corporation. Six years later, DeVos was appointed to the Board of Control of Grand Valley State University.

In 2006, Dick also participated in the Michigan Gubernatorial Race. Even though he lost the race, Dick remains to be the richest person to ever participate in the race.

Dick and Betsy DeVos launched their foundation; the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. With this Foundation, the Couple has donated a significant amount of money to religious organizations, Aviation Academy, hospitals, and schools. The couple also founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Who is Porfirio Sanchez Galino?

Porfirio Sanchez Galino – Man of the Print Presses Among Mexico’s Best Media Efforts

Galindo – He favors the competition while promoting and advancing change all around. In similar interests, he has also edited for start-up businesses, economy pieces, national, world, technology, video, lifestyle – and even networking – topics. He has written for many magazine and Internet issues that are top providers of the U.S. but has furthered their Spanish versions. Many of his works may be found online. This editor certainly holds his own and shows what can be done when you really work hard.

Bits and Pieces of His Past Editing Work – A Taste

Galindo has a taste for editing for Attention Media, Bike, Caress, Casa Viva, Famille is Lovely, DC comics of Mexico, Cosmopolitan of Mexico, Cocina for Sale, Esq. Latino, America special, Marie Claire, Marvel Comics of Mexico, Harper’s Bazaar en Espanol, Men’s health in Mexico, El Americano, Dat Asante, Dissen Junior, National Geographic, ASP Annual, National Geographic Traveler, Father Equals, Skyview, 17, Census Units, Sport Life, Runner’s World, Della Hit, 2, Vonnie Tee, Women’s Health of Mexico, Bonnie, BS, Vertigo Comics of Mexico, TV and Novellus and several others. He has been in his recent position for more than eight years and does not plan on retiring anytime soon, for he holds that there’s always more work to be done – whether it’s more papers to edit, more editors to supervise or a strange mix of both. This leader is fit for any challenge.


He currently resides in Mexico City. He has edited more than 70,000 pieces, and that’s no small feat. Galindo’s Grupo Televisa is the top multimedia Spanish company in all of Southern and Central America, if not the world. Their exclusive contract with U TVC allows them to do far more as well. Headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, this business was founded in 1952 and has survived multiple decades of mergers and acquisitions, along with countless name and station changes. It is now a top business and has proven itself in every way.